About Scientia Forestalis

Scientia Forestalis is a scientific publication of the IPEF – Institute of Forest Research and Studies, founded in 1968, as a nonprofit institution, in agreement with the LCF – Department of Forest Sciences of the ESALQ – Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture of the USP – São Paulo University. Scientia Forestalis, affiliated to the ABEC – Brazilian Association of Scientific Publishers, publishes four issues per year of original papers related to the several fields of the Forest Sciences.

The Editorial Board is composed by the Editor, the Scientific Editors (evaluating the manuscript), and the Associated Editors (helping on the decision of acceptation or not of the manuscript, analyzed by the Peer-Reviewers.

The submitted manuscripts to be published in the Scientia Forestalis should be sent electronically to the Executive Editor (e-mail: scientia.forestalis@ipef.br).

Content and opinions presented on published papers are not responsibility of this periodical and do not necessarily represent the opinion of IPEF nor of Department of Forest Sciences, ESALQ, University of São Paulo.

Scientia Forestalis (ISSN 1413-9324, first number 50) continues “IPEF” journal (ISSN 0100-4557, last number 48/49). All the published papers are found in the site: www.ipef.br/publicacoes/scientia

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