The symposium is opened to volunteer papers. The presentation can be oral or formatted as a poster. The abstract, in English with up to 3,000 characters, must be submitted with your registration until August 12th, 2005. The proceedings with all accepted abstracts will be published as a special edition of "Série Tecnica IPEF" delivered on the first day of the symposium.

General guidelines for posters:

Poster size: 0.90m x 1.20m - Minimum font size: 24.<See example>

General guidelines for full length papers

Authors of accepted abstracts can submit a full length paper version of their work to the Scientia Forestalis Journal. The Symposium Coordinator will be accepting these contributions to the journal during the event. All papers submitted to Scientia Forestalis will follow a scientific peer selecting and reviewing process. The first author will receive a tracking number and statement of receipt during the month of October 2005.

The paper, written in Portuguese, Spanish or English, must have the following sections:


Scientific paper: Title, Authors, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Bibliographical References, Authors and Acknowledgements.
Literature Review or Communication: Title, Authors, Abstract, Keywords, free formatted sections depending on the objectives of the paper, Bibliographical References, Authors and Acknowledgements.

Please, submit three copies of the printed manuscripts and follow the following instructions:

Maximum number of pages (doesn't include figures neither charts):


Scientific paper:
Literature Review:
Cover Page:

Courier 12 points
Title, Authors and Acknowledgements
To preserve the anonymity, authors must be identified only on the cover page.
Citations must refer to the authors and publication year, without footnotes.

Bibliographic References

List each reference as a paragraph in alphabetical order, without numeration. Examples:


Kramer, P.J.; Kozlowski, T.T. (1971) Fisiologia das árvores. Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. 745p.
Capítulos de livros
Heichel, G.H.; Turner, N.C. (1976) Phenology and leaf growth of defoliated hardwood trees. In: Anderson, J.F.; Kaya, H.K. Perspective in forest entomology. New York: Academic Press. p.31-40.
Artigos em periódicos científicos
Wilde, S.A. (1968) Mycorrhizae and tree nutrition. Bioscience, v.18, p.482-484.
Artigos em anais de eventos científicos
Fluentes, A. et al. (1983) Ensaios com procedência de Eucalyptus, resultados após o primeiro ano de campo. In: SEMINÁRIO SOBRE REFLORESTAMENTO, Namaacha, 1983. Maputo: UEM/DEF, p.613-39.
Publicações institucionais (autores não identificados)
FAO. (1981) El eucalipto en la repoblacion forestal. Roma. 303p.

Tables and Figures

Submit all tables and figures in separate sheets with its size occupying the maximum area possible in the sheet. Produce a list of tables and figures numbered and identified by its captions on a separate sheet. The approximate location of the figures and tables should be indicated on the text with a calling between two paragraphs: "Here figure 2"; "Enter table 4" etc


Size of photographs: 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches), sharp, black and white is preferred, with numeration on the back. Submit the list of captions for the photos caption on a separate sheet.


Please, do not submit your manuscripts in digital format. Attach tables, figures and photos on paper. A digital MS-Word version will be requested after the paper is accepted. Submit the manuscript following the aforementioned guidelines. Special formatting – bold, underline, variation of font size –should be left out. Italic should be used only to identify scientific names.