Presentation Order (Invited)

  Opening Session
(Luiz Ernesto George Barrichelo - IPEF)
MM-01 Balancing conservation and economic development in tropical forest regions
(Zarin, D.)
MM-02 Long term forest planning with fast-growing plantations as an strategic tool for national policy in Argentina
(Braier, G. D.)
MM-03 The Argentine forest-industry sector in 2005
(Sanchez-Acosta, M.; Vera, L.)
MA-04 Forest Management in the Brazilian Amazon: Risks and Opportunities
(Veríssimo, A.)
MA-05 Regional Forest Planning in the Iberian Peninsula: two case studies in Portugal and in Spain
(Borges, J. G.; Marey, M.)
TM-06 The use of Markov optimization models in the economic and ecological management of forested landscapes under risk
(Buongiorno, J.; Zhou, M.)
WM-07 Research to Improve the Performance of the Primary Supply Chain
(Boston, K.; Hamann, J.D.)
Economic valuation of Intensively Managed pine plantations in Chile
(Real-Hermosilla, P.; Higuera-Catalán, C.)
WA-09 Forest management and multiple criteria decision making: an overviewed and assessment
(Diaz-Balteiro, L.; Romero, C.)
WA-10 Silvia: a flexible system for integrated forest management
(Vallejo, A.; Kanninen, M.; Montero, M.; Viquez, E.)
( Part 2 )

Presentation Order (Volunteer)

MONDAY (September 19)
MMA1-01 Industrial clusters of forest agribusiness in the south area of Brazil
(Castro, A.W.V.; Medrado, M.J.S.)
MMA1-02Forecasting of Eucalyptus wood prices for cellulose and sawmill using radial basis function neural network and clustering method
(Protil, R.M.; Coelho, L.S., Silva, W.V.)
MMA1-03 A methodology for the evaluation of the Production Cost of Pinus sp. implanted with tax incentives, in Itapeva - SP and Três Lagoas-MS.
(Moster, C.; Cunha, M.C.S.; Zonete, M.F.; Zanoni, L.P.)
MMA2-01 Strategic and Tactical Forest Planning with Linear Programming Model Type I formulations
(Silva, L.M.; Nobre, S.R.; Rodriguez, L.C.E.)
MMA2-02The value of optimization in forest operations planning: two case studies in Canada
(Robak, E.W.)
MMA2-03 The use of simulation model FORRUS-S in the ecological management of forested: strategic and tactics planning
(Palenova, M.; Korotkov, V.; Chumachenko, S.)
MMB1-01 Structure and conduct of the market for timber products in the state of Acre
(Silva, Z.A.G.P.G.)
MMB1-02 Recent evolution of forestry certification in Brazil
(Casarim, F.M.; Miranda, S.H.G.)
MMB1-03The Amazon Timber Sector: Market and Challenges
(Pereira, D.; Celentano, D.; Pereira, R.; Lentini, M.)
MMB2-01 Multi-temporal, high-resolution analysis of forests in southeastern Georgia, USA, based on three decades of Landsat satellite imagery and ground-measured inventory data
(Lowe, R.C.; Cieszewski, C.J.)
MMB2-02Spatially explicit long-term sustainability analysis in Georgia, USA
(Cieszewski, C.; Zasada, M.; Lowe, R.)
MMB2-03Constraints and opportunities for improving the forest practices in communal lands of northern Spain
(Fernández-Alonso. S. ; Marey-Pérez, M.F., Rodríguez-Vicente, V.)
MAA1-01 Descriptive analysis of Brazilian wood exports during 2003 and 2004
(Moreira, J.M.M.A.P.; Faria, L.C.; Rodriguez, L.C.E.)
MAA1-02Financial analysis of forestry sector contractors
(Morais-Filho, A.D. Seixas, F.)
MAA1-03Evaluation of water risks in forest enterprise
(Ferraz, F.F.B.)
MAA2-01 Silvicultural treatments and financial risk for Pinus taeda within two forestry regions in Uruguay
(Bussoni, A.; Cabris, J.)
MAA2-02The development and research stage of a forest evaluation performance system - The Monitor
(Amaral, T.M.; Nobre, S.R.; Rodriguez, L.C.E.; Banhara, J.R.)
MAA2-03Deforestation in Amazon River basin area: An econometric study
(Sartori, R.S.; Bacha, C.J.C.)
MAB1-01 Economic use of biosolid in the forest production
(Faria, L.C.)
MAB1-02The Carbon Projects in Brazil
(Bartholomeu, D.B.; Santos, L.R.P., Oliveira, A.M.K., Caixeta-Filho, J.V.)
MAB1-03Estimated cost of reforestation in permanent preservation area in the west of São Paulo state
(Ferreira, A.S.; Moraes, M.T.;Tarsitano, M.A.A.)
MAB2-01 The use of geoprocessing to assist it of the recovery and conservation of vegetation riverbank
(Prado, G.S.; Sousa, V.L., Macedo, M.A.)
MAB2-02Assessing landscape perceptions and preferences to improve CVM scenarios for landscape changes - a case study for Serra do Açor, Portugal
(Páscoa, F.; Pinto, L.)
MAB2-03Forest Engineer, Desing and Architecture
(Zanetti, E.; Cook, N.)
TUESDAY (September 20)
TMA1-01 Economic analysis of stand establishment for Scots pine
(Hyytiäinen, K.; Ilomäki, S., Mäkelä, A.; Kinnunen, K.)
TMA1-02Process of Innovation in the public institutes of research and mixed institutes of research, in forest agribusiness of the south area of Brazil: A comparative analysis
(Castro, A.W.V.; Tourinho, M.M.)
TMA1-03Advances in the development of an individual tree simulator model for Pinus radiata D.DON in Chile
(Higuera-Catalán., C.; Real-Hermosilla, P.)
TMB1-01 Application of MRP concepts to the definition of annual operational forest plans
(Nobre, S.R., Rodriguez, L.C.E.)
TMB1-02Solving Spatial Forest Planning Challenges - Integrating Linear Programming and Heuristics
(Feunekes, U.)
TMB1-03A study of adequateness of the economic and financial
(Chaves-Neto, A.; Luchesa, C.J.)
WEDNESDAY (September 21)
WMA1-01 Is the forest certification an option or a barrier for small-scale forestry?
(Rodriguez-Vicente, V.; Marey-Pérez M.F.)
WMA1-02The Forestry-wood industrial chain in Uruguay
(Bussoni, A.; Izuibejeres, L.; Cabris, J.)
WMA1-03Análise sócio-econômica do manejo florestal comunitário de terra-firme no baixo Amazonas: Comunidade ACAF – Boa Vista do Ramos/AM
(Koury, C.G.G.; Viana, V.M.; Sampaio, P.T.; Waldhoff, P.)
WMA2-01 Sistemas de gestão florestal utilizando soluções Datasul e Brisa para planejamento e controle da produção florestal
(Malinovski, R.A.; Malinovski,R.A.; Ruthes, R.; Ferreira,J.H.; Ferreira, M.S.)
WMA2-02Harvesting and transportation planning: a Genetic Algorithm approach
(Souza, D.O.; Arce, J.E.)
WMA2-03Enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the management of the forest production – The relation between the solution of abilities for the efficient operation of the technological solution
(Silva, J.F.)
WMB1-01 Forest Management Information System
(Wildauer, E.; Lingnau, C.; Higa, A.)
WMB1-02A strategic information system as a tool for forest management for Brazil
(Fontes, P.J.P.; Dantas, S.A.; Gama, M.G.R.; Pucci, M.A.L.)
WMB1-03Consideration on the pulp and paper from 1990 to 2004
(Silva, A.P.M. ; Simões, R.C.F.)
WMB2-01 How government preferences and interest group interaction can affect policy choice in the Brazilian forestry sector
(Bauch, S.C.)
WMB2-02Assessment of the vegetation structure influence on bird communities’ occurrence in Iberian agro-forestry systems
(Quinta-Nova, L.C.B.; Fernandes, J.P.)
WMB2-03Wood potential use of Acacia melanoxylon growing in pure or mixed stands with Pinus pinaster by the portuguese forest industry
(Santos, A.; Teixeira, A.; Anjos, O.; Simões, R.; Nunes, L.; Machado, J., Tavares, M.)
WAA1-01 Modelling forest growth - the portuguese case study
(Amaro A., Tomé, M.)
WAA1-02Growth model for Ipê Felpudo (Zeyhera tuberculosa (Vell.) Bur.) at the age of 6 years
(Souza, C.C.; Couto, H.T.Z.)
WAA1-03Mixed-effects model applied to forestry modeling
(Calegario, N.; Daniels, R.F.)
WAB1-01 Factors of the Adoption of Technology of Production of Wood in Forest Agribusiness of the South Area of Brazil
(Castro, A.W.V.; Pedrozo, E.A.)
WAB1-02Addition of pluviometric precipitation on the growth and yeld modeling of unthinned Pinus taeda L. stands
(Temps, M.; Arce, J.E.)
WAB1-03Smoothing basic density of supply wood flow at a forest pulp and paper industry through a harvest stand scheduling MILP model and a heuristic approach
(Arce, J.E.; Kanegae Jr., H.; Silva, A.C.L.; Heidgger Jr., J.; Souza, D.R.)