Cooperative Program in Forest Certification

Project 3. Chain of Custody (Credit and Controlled Wood)

Condition: ongoing

Goal: Updating and dissemination of new policies on Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood..

Context: The procedures of the FSC-International that deal with Controlled Wood and Credit System (FSC-STD-40-004 and FSC-STD-40-005) were approved in September 2004, being that the new certification candidates for chain of custody should be evaluated according to these standards from January 1, 2006, while the certificate holders would be required to comply with the standards described in these standards from January 1, 2007.

Updates of the rules in the Chain of Custody Policy are common, and because they are technically complex, cause difficulties for its correct interpretation and adaptation of business processes certified and candidates for certification.

In the FSC General Assembly on CapeTown (Africa/2008) this theme was much discussed, especially in the context of motions to eliminate Controlled Wood, improved rules or replace them by another alternative. Currently, FSC has been conducting a thorough analysis of the situation and alternatives to Controlled Wood, to meet the motion 23 of this FSC General Meeting 2008. The results of this analysis will be presented to FSC member during the General Meeting of 2011 to base decisions about the future of Controlled Wood in the FSC system.

Figura 1
Figure 1
. Stacks of sheets of wood certified by FSC

Performance of CPFC: Aware of these movements within the FSC, the program act to internally consolidate this discussion and clearly understand of this context for the associate companies. In the last FSC General Assembly(2011), the FSC members approved amotion (51) where FSc should make a series of changes on the Controlled Wood system in order to strengthen it. In this way, several actions were proposed in the motion, including: National Risk Assessment for Controlled Wood – should be done by FSC National Initiatives.

• Phase-out of Companies Risk Assessment.
• Strengthening of Annex 03 (FSC-STD-40-005) for all cases of unspecified risk in the national risk assessments.

Featured as an important theme in the FSC system, this motion was considered the first priority to be developed by FSC. Thus, FSC has been working in the activities put in the motion with a Membership Committee with all representative chambers (environmental, social and economic) to work in the revision of FSC Controlled Wood Policies.

Moreover, it is worth developing, over 2012, FSC Brazil´s National Risk Assessment, in which the CPFC has a strong presence and works in partnership with our FSC National Initiative to develop this project.

Besides, this cooperative program always be aligned with the associated companies demands in the Controlled Wood issues, bringing to them the updatesof FSC, as well as leading into the system, the Brazilian companies perceptions of Controlled Wood.

Results: Participation in discussion groups within the FSC, organization of forums for align the informations of this theme and update the Controlled Wood Policies within FSC system.

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