Cooperative Program in Forest Certification

Project 5. Global Review of the Principles and Criteria of the FSC System

Condition: concluided

Goal: Support to Brazilian representatives in the process of comprehensive review of the FSC Principles and Criteria.

Context: FSC had never revised its Principles and Criteria (P&C) consistently, although in recent years have occurred several changes due to motions presented during General Assemblies of FSC. The result of this difference is the current version of FSC P&C, where there are only a few differences from the original document, which has over 15 years. From this, in September 2008, FSC International decided to initiate a process of Global Review of its P&C. The first draft was prepared by FSC Board of Directors and placed on consultation in 2008. Thereafter, was created a Working Group that would accompany the process of reviewing of P&C with representatives of its chambers (Environmental, Social and Economic). Moreover, was also created an Advisory Group that facilitate this Working Group to guarantee the views of the various stakeholders of FSC system of that they are heard and take into consideration during this process.

The end of the year 2010 had been established as a deadline to complete the process by which the members of organization would vote on the final draft of P&C review. However, throughout the presentation of their Drafts to the members, FSC received a lot of comments and decided that more communication and discussion efforts would be necessary to address the concerns and questions arising regarding the revised P&C.

The P&C review was finished in November 2011, where the Draft 5.0 was put to the membership vote. The vote lasted until January 2012,and in February FSC launched the results with the approval of this Draft by its members.So, FSC has a New P&C.

Currently, FSC is preparing and work to put new P&C into practice. Lately, it was created a Work Group of FSC members (all chambers) which will work in the development of International Generic Indicators (IGIs), in the next years, in order to define mechanisms of applicationthe New P&C, considering worldwide regions where FSC is present.

This cooperative program remains aware to this FSC actions and works with other Brazilians members of FSC to bring the reality of our forestry sector in the development of such FSC processes. Brazil has the participation of Mr. João Augusti, Brazilian member of Economic Chamber, by Fibria in the Working Group of IGIs and Mr. Leonardo Sobral, of Imaflora as a Certificate Body representative, in the Technical Expert Group, which will help the Working Group IGIs.

More information about the process, communication and activities of theP&C Revides and the development of International Generic Indicators can be found on website of FSC-IC:

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Results: In general, all projects developed by CPFC should help with timely support to the public consultation process of the overall FSC documents and rules. In addition, the program always publicizes and shares these processes of consultation with members of the FSC, associated with this program.

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