Since its foundation in 1968, IPEF spreads works that are produced by the agreements. Thus, in 1970 appeared the 1st number of IPEF magazine (ISSN 0100-4557) and kept on until the magazine number 48/49th. Then, in the 80’s the magazine started to contribution of scientific works from other institutions linked to forest sector and stopped being an institutional magazine and became to be an opened magazine for forest society.

Its importance in Domestic and even International context can be demonstrated having its all articles indexed in the Abstracts CABI International which had later resulted in the Tree-Cd including main forest abstracts: Forestry Abstracts (Since 1939), Forest Products Abstracts (Since 1978) and Agroforestry Abstracts (Since 1988).

After the 50th magazine edition in 1996 it passed for deep changes including its name which was changed to Scientia Forestalis (ISSN 1413-9324). Also this new period has its articles indexed on Tree-Cd and the magazine received the high mark classification about periodic that are selected by CAPES (Co-ordination Assistance to the Research and the Superior School).

Beyond Scientia Forestalis IPEF also keeps other means of communication: the Technique’s Series (ISSN 0100-8137) with the purpose to propagate events promoted by IPEF; Technic Circular (ISSN 0100-3453) to spread information about technician and scientific knowledge referring to Forest Sector and IPEF’s News to spread results of researches and projects in progress into IPEF, events of forest sector and forest interest news for forest sector’s professionals.

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