Book Title “Conservação e cultivo de solos para plantações florestais”

In its fifteen chapters, the authors describe their regionalized experiences about soil conservation and preparation which resulted in an extensive discussion of the different environmental and technological situations that currently exist in the Brazilian forest sector. Thus, it is a book for forest and soil science professionals as well as for students.

Research data and practical experiences are presented about soil culture and conservation for homogeneous forests plantation such as Eucalyptus and Pine forestations, as well as mixed planted reforestations using native species in permanent preservation areas and legal conservation reserves. It approaches soil cultivation and conservation so that the best planning for country property is that one that considers interdependence of flowered, hydrous, edaphic, economic and technological resources in the hydrographic basin at long term guaranteeing sustainable forest production.

Moreover, the book considers the increasing concern in obtaining high quality forest products in a profitable and productive manner, yet without damaging the quality of our environment. Thus, it accentuates the remarkable effort made by researchers and producers to minimize soil erosion and exposition, which propitiates the larger protection and coverage, at the same time that it reduces energy demand and preparation costs. Such objectives have increased the utilization of soil preparation conservation techniques. These have been spreading fast into Brazil’s forest sector over the past fifteen years.

Editors: Professors Jose Leonardo de Moraes Gonçalves and Jose Stape Luiz ESALQ/ USP’s Forest Sciences Department
Number of Authors: 31
Number of Chapters: 15
Number of pages: 498 (83 colored)
ISBN number: 85-89142-01-9
Format: 23 x 16cm
Cover: Hard cover

Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais
Via Comendador Pedro Morganti, 3500 - Bairro Monte Alegre
CEP: 13415-000 - Piracicaba, SP - Brasil
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