Cooperative Program in Forest Certification

The forest certification came into existence in the mid 90’s as a voluntary process aiming to promote the use of the forest and the other natural resources in a sustainable manner, reconciling its rational use with guarantees of its existence for the future generations, economic feasibility of the forest undertakings and promotion of the social benefits to all of those involved. Such initiative certifies the good forest handling through principles and criteria attesting and reinforcingacknowledgment of the societyin relation to the companies and their actions of social-environmental responsibility, based on the sustainable development concept. In such context, this program was setup in 2007 as an initiative of the forest companies and universities associated with IPEF, for the purpose of articulating interests and disclosing information between the several parties involved in the forest certification subject.

The program has a different operation from the other Institute programs, because it acts representing the forest companies by means of several actions characterizing it as the alloy between the certified companies, NGOs, certification agencies, universities and research institutions, input and service providers and other parties interested in the forest certification process, for the treatment of the affairs of interest to all.


• Follow up the interests of the companies at the certification systems;
• Articulate actions between forest companies and other applicable institutions;
• Follow up, operate and disclose policies and updates of the certification systems;

Strategic Actions

• Permanent monitoring of the FSC and PEFC certification systems to the policies and resolutions of interests to the PCCF companies, keeping them up-to-date;
• Participation through IPEF, as a member of the Southern Economic Chamber of FSC;
• Participation in the forums associated with the Forest Certification subject;
• Visits to the companies for details of the certification processes.

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