Cooperative Program in Forest Certification

Project 6. Motions for the FSC General Assembly 2011

Condition: concluded

Goal: Submit two motions to the FSC General Assembly 2011 and organize a “Side Meeting”.

Context: Every three years FSC holds its General Assembly, the highest decision-making of FSC system. The 6th FSC General Assembly was held from June 27 to July 1, 2011, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Before the GA, the motions must be submitted to the Committee on Motions and can be moved and seconded by one of two representatives appointed by FSC member organizations or individual members until January 15, 2011.

The programming had various activities such as P&C Review Workshop, National Initiatives Meeting, Side Meetings with various themes, Meetings within and between FSC Chambers, besides Forest Conference and the formal session itself of deliberations of the Assembly, where the motions are voted. Further details of programming can be found in FSC General Meeting 2011 website.

Performance of the CPFC: CPFC has sent two motions for the FSC General Assembly 2011.

1. Insertion of Environmental Risk Assessment in the FSC Pesticide Policy.

This motion is aimed at the inclusion of Environmental Risk Assessment of the assessment made by the FSC of pesticides entering the list of products "highly dangerous ". The hope is that besides the danger, through the evaluation of persistence, toxicity and biological activity and additive which are already used, the FSC Pesticide Committee also takes into account the Environmental Risk Assessment of products. This type of assessment considers the environmental conditions, the dosage and method of application. In addition, various regulatory agencies of several countries already use in their assessments of chemicals.

This motion was seconded by IMAFLORA and FIBRIA Celulose S / A, and was instrumental in the technical basis by Embrapa researcher, Dr. Claudio Spadotto.

2. Need to create a Discussion Group on Biotechnology within the FSC: updates on research and scientific development in Forest Biotechnology.

This motion aims to request the FSC to start an open and participatory process with its members and stakeholders, based on science, supported by recognized international research institutions, scientists, experts and universities to meet and collect all the current advances in biotechnology, including genetically modified organisms (GMO) and their potential risks, biosecurity measures and control conditions for safe use, ensuring that the FSC community is updated on the interrelationship of technology and forestry.

This motion was seconded by SUZANO Papel e Celulose S/A, FIBRIA Celulose S/A and the NZFOA - Zealand Forest Owners Association.

Results: The motions were submitted by the deadline and were evaluated by the Motions Committee of the FSC General Assembly. In June the final report was published with the list of approved motions to vote within the FSC GM. The development of these works by CPFC aims to define strategies for coordinating intra and/or between FSC chambers so that the issues relevant to Brazil are included on the agendas of political discussion and the FSC system.

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