Cooperative Program in Forest Certification

Project 7. Participation on FSC General Assembly 2011

Condition: concluded

Goal: Participate of the 6th FSC General Assembly, submitting two motions and organizing one of the Side Meetings during the GA.

Context: Each three years FSC holds its General Assembly, the highest decision-making of FSC system. The 6th FSC General Assembly was held from June 27 to July 1, 2011, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia with the participation of 28 Brazilians - 25 members of Economic Chamber, one member of Social Chamber and two members of National Initiative (FSC Brazil). Other Brazilians members were represented through proxies, totaling 31. Thus, the Brazilian Delegation met with 37 votes during the formal voting session of GA FSC 2011.

Among the activities and events held during the GA FSC, are:

• P&C Review Workshop.
• Side Meetings: IPEF did one of them.
• Meetings within and between Chambers.
• Forest Conference: Forest Framework 2011.
• General Assembly Formal Business Sessions.

The general schedule and more informations on the General Assembly and its results can be found at the following FSC links: -

Results: IPEF, which is a International member of FSC, was represented by the technical coordinator of this program, Mrs. Luciana Antunes and by the IPEF associate researcher, professor PhD. José Stape, from North Caroline State University, USA who was in charge of the IPEF Side Meeting “Current and Future Technologies in Forest Plantations”.

In this General Assembly, IPEF had the opportunity to represent other Brazilian FSC members by proxies. Among the CPFC associated companies were represented by IPEF: CMPC Celulose Riograndense, Copener Florestal, International Paper of Brazil e Plantar Empreendimentos. Other companies were also represented by this Institute: Orsa Florestal, Forestech and an individual member, Mr. Amantino de Freitas, with a total of seven (07) proxies with IPEF in this GA.

Another highlight in the CPFC participation on FSC GA was the organization of Side Meeting “Current and Future Technologies in Forest Plantations” which was charged by prof. PhD Stape who presented the current technologies for forest plantations and future perspectives of them, placing an overview about research developed in the forestry sector with regards to forest management and genetic resources. This presentation was a background for ongoing discussions at the GA on the topics of greatest interest to the Brazilian Delegation of the Economic Chamber. The presentation was attended by 56 participants of worldwide and allowed for a rich discussion of the issues presented.

General Results from GA FSC 2011: 56 motions were originally sent to vote at GA, and the Staturoty Motion no. 01 was split into two new motions, a total of 57 motions at the end. Of this total, 19 motions were withdrawn, as part of the negotiation process between chambers, where many of which were codified in a single motion. In the end, 38 motions were put at vote at GA, and 27 motions were approved and 11 failed by FSC members. More informations about the complete texts of motions and their modifications could be found at the official FSC Motions site -

Brazilian Motions Results at FSC GA 2011: there were four motions which were submitted by Brazilian Delegation and during the GA had their movements. Two motions were withdrawn (Motion 24 – IPEF and Motion 27 – IMAFLORA), one motion was approved (Motion 04 – IMAFLORA) and one motion was failed (Motion 15 – IPEF).

Motions from IPEF:

• MOTION 15: this motion brought the need to investigate the current status of GMO Science in forestry, aiming to identify risks, benefits and safeguards from environmental, social and economic grounds. This motion passed for a long discussion within Economic Chamber and between others chambers (Environmental and Social) and the final text was changed to the ultimate goal described above. Even so, the motion was finally failed at GA Vote by the other chambers of FSC.

• MOTION 24: this motion asked to create a Working Group which should be chamber balanced, to discuss the inclusion of the Environmental Risk Assessment approach in the evaluation of FSC list of “highly hazardous” pesticides. This motion also passed through several discussion over the GA and finally, we chose to put the essencial idea of the motion (Environmental Risk Assessment) in another important motion to the Brazilian forestry Sector, the Motion 23 proposed by another member of Economic chamber that brought the proposal that the derogation procedure for prohibited pesticides by FSC was carried out by National Initiatives of FSC, including national level risk assessments. This Motion was approved and is of great value to the Brazilian forest sector.

Another relevant themes as Controlled Wood, large scale forest operations, transparency and reliability of General Assembly outcomes, improves at SLIMF and Climate Change were fairly debated and put to the GA vote and will bring changes to the FSC system over the next three years.

Detailed informations about each approved motion and their consequences to the FSC system could be found at FSC site ( or at the “Documents” page of this program website.

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