Thematic Silviculture and Handling Program

The program develops research projects, aimed at providing scientific and technical grounds for operating decision making of the companies’ silviculture area.

One of the main activities of the PTSM is the technical meetings held with the associate companies. Since its creation, the program held 44 technical meetings, with the participation of approximately 2460 individuals.

The main goal of the meetings is disclosing the results of the researches carried out in the associate companies, as well as building a forum for debates and interchange of experiences, in the silviculture and forest handling areas, between the professionals of the technical and operating area of the participant companies.

In such meetings, new technologies and equipment are also presented, yet under development stage, so as to promote “benchmarking” between the professionals of the silviculture area and mechanization in the companies.

In addition to the meetings, other activities are carried out, the seminars, symposiums and courses, aimed at updating and recycling the knowledge on the subject at stake, focused, as already mentioned, on scientific and technical grounds for decision making important to sustainability or increase of productivity of forest plantations.

Área após colheita e coleta de folhas


• Rendering feasible cooperative research and development projects in the silviculture and handling areas, by means of the university-company and company-company integration within the Program;
• Disclose results of the research projects in national and international meetings, allowing for disclosure of the technical activities carried out by the participant companies;
• Hold seminars, symposiums and courses, so as to update knowledge, and professional training, in order to provide contact with researchers and professors of the most renowned universities and forest institutions of the country and abroad;
• Comprise permanent forum in silviculture and forest handling, for the purpose of promoting integration, interchange of experiences and discussion of technical news between professionals of the research and production areas of the companies associated with the program, by means of periodical technical meetings (“benchmarking”).
• Professional qualification of students from the forest engineering course to enter the associate companies.

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