IPEF International

IPEF Journal, a publication of the Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais (Institute of Forest Research and Studies), was first published in 1970, and is now in its 41st edition.

The Institute itself was founded in 1968 under the leadership ar Prof. Helladio do Amaral Mello. Since its inception, the Institute has its headquarters located at the Forest Science Department of the Escola Superior de Agricultura ''Luiz de Queiroz” (ESALQ), the agricultural college of the University of São Paulo. Starting with a few leading Brazilian forest companies, the Institute represents a successful example of integration University/Industry, which has now 24 forest companies enrolled in its membership, developing cooperative programs of forest research throughout the country. Among several important objectives of the Institute is the publishing of research results and other technical information on forestry.

Throughout this period, IPEF journal has made substantial contributions to the development of the fast-growing plantation forestry in Brazil.

Many good papers on silvicultural, technological and environmental aspects of forest plantations have been published, but these informations have, somewhat, been concealed from the global forestry sector because of language barrier.

This is the reason of this international version of the IPEF journal - IPEF INTERNATIONAL. It is intended to publish both the english version of some papers published in the IPEF journal originally in Portuguese, as well as unpublished papers written directly in English. Contributions are most welcome. IPEF INTERNATIONAL will be published annually. It is our hope that it really constitutes a step forward in strenghtening the integration of the Brazilian forest research to the global forest sector.

Prof. L. E. G. Barrichelo
Scientific Director of IPEF
Piracicaba, 1990

Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais
Via Comendador Pedro Morganti, 3500 - Bairro Monte Alegre
CEP: 13415-000 - Piracicaba, SP - Brasil
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