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Série Técnica IPEF - Edição Nº 36 (julho de 2012)

WDC 2012 - 12th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference
Challenges and Opportunities Related to Tropical Lumber Drying
July 30 to August 03, 2012 - Belém, Para, Brazil
Ivaldo Pontes Jankowsky, coord.


This is the twelfth edition of our Wood Drying Conference, and by the first time a meeting of the IUFRO Wood Drying Working Party is held in South America. No doubts that all persons involved in the organization are proud to collaborate to have this meeting in Brazil.

Wood drying still is very important in any modern wood manufacturing industry, as due its time and energy importance as well to add value and quality to wood based products; and this approach becomes more important when the concern is the tropical wood.

Brazilian tropical forest represents around 30% of natural forest in the world and is calling international attention regarding its use and preservation. There is a commitment of Brazilian authorities to avoid the deforestation and to incentive the Sustainable Forest Management, which implies in the introduction of different and less known wood species in order to manufacture added value products.

Using Dr. Manfred Vanek words, “conferences are an essential part to solve the big puzzle of wood drying, as they give us the chance to discuss exciting issues and exchange new ideas”. The WDC 2012 theme, Challenges and Opportunities Related to Tropical Lumber Drying, reflects the concern about the sustainable use of tropical forest and also drives the scientific discussion and research to tropical lumber.

This publication contains the abstracts of 28 oral presentations and 31 posters, selected from 86 submissions; and it is part of our contribution to achieve the Conference objectives.


Série Técnica IPEF
v. 15, n. 36, p. 01-74, julho, 2012
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