About IPEF Technical Circular

The Technical Circular (ISSN 0100-3453) is a non-periodical issue published by IPEF in agreement with the Forest Sciences Department of the Superior School of Agronomy Business "Luiz de Queiroz". This circular propagates technical and scientific knowledge referring to the forest sector. Its main objectives are related technology transfer, methods dissemination, techniques and other important information, and also update professionals who work in this sector.

Original manuscripts, along with three copies, must be submitted to the Publishing Commission in paper-copy only. After the properly Commission accordance of the article, the electronic format will be requested to the author(s). For information contacts us:

Technical Circular IPEF
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E-mail Address: scientia.forestalis@ipef.br

The content and opinions expressed in published jobs are solely those expressed by the author(s), and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the IPEF, the publishers of this circular, the Forest Sciences Department or ESALQ – USP, all of whom assume no responsibility for the published works’ content and opinions. The IPEF Technical Circular (ISSN 0100-3453) started publication in 1979.

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