Eucalyptus in Brazil - Climatic Zoning and Identification Guide
ISBN: 978-85-89142-07-6


This guide aims to serve as a field tool for rural producers and city planners to identify the main Eucalyptus species grown in Brazil. The book also brings relevant information to researchers and forest professionals on the specific climatic needs for each species in the form of charts, tables, and maps. An identification key, with morphological descriptions and taxonomic comments, provides a safe identification of the species, supported by photographs of leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, seedlings, wood, trunk, and bark. In total, more than 500 illustrations and more than 50 maps are presented for the 47 species treated in this guide.


Thiago Bevilacqua Flores
Clayton Alcarde Alvares
Vinicius Castro Souza
José Luiz Stape

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Pages: 447
Size: 21.5 x 12 cm

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